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Baby Wipes, Glorious Baby Wipes

It all started with a purple and green crayon drawing on the wall. After telling my son what a beautiful stegosaurus he had drawn and suggesting he draw it in his notebook the next time around, I panicked knowing that my one friend who has a curious obsession with clean walls was coming over in the next few minutes. I eyed the baby wipes, decided to give ‘em a go and am now faced with an unhealthy fascination with the wee cloths. There was not a single trace of any pigmented wax having ever touched the wall.

Since this eye-opening experience, I have considered adopting the role of Premier Advocate of the Rectangular Moist Cloth. The next day involved a chocolate incident. Although it is difficult for me to bring myself to return to the scene of the crime, I can say that even the CSI folks would have difficulty knowing that a Green & Blacks bar temporarily resided in our home.

About a week later, my husband, son and I were having a sandwich at our favourite deli/café when a woman next to us spilled coffee on her blouse. She asked behind the counter if they had a wet cloth. After being handed one and feverishly rubbing her blouse, the coffee remained. I knew I had to step in. I asked my husband to quickly hand me one of our son’s baby wipes, and with a mortified look on his face, he did. He knew I was now entering the realm of promoting baby wipes outside our home. I handed the woman the wipe and suggested she try removing the coffee stain with it. She did some more massaging and patting, and then looked up at me in disbelief, as if I was the stain removal fairy. She asked what it was I handed to her, looked at the baby wipes package, and smiled. I smiled too, knowing there was a baby wipes-as-stain-removers convert now walking the streets of London.

Although marketed as a convenient alternative to making your own oil, baby shampoo and paper towel concoction when cleaning a baby’s or toddler’s nappy, baby wipes are to me what Robitussin was to Chris Rock’s father or what Windex was to Toula’s father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding – a cure-all. They remove crayons from walls, coffee stains from blouses, marinara from trousers, limescale from showers, dust from surfaces, and “bubble juice” from blowers that drips on the floor, as well as absorb and clean juice spills. I was surprised to hear that one of my pals has been using them for years as her makeup remover.

All this and the versatile little parcels of joy don’t have the harsh chemicals a lot of cleaning materials do. And, if you’re a mum, you usually have a pack within arm’s reach.

Having extolled the virtues of the glorious wipe, I must make a vow to ease up on my fascination. My husband told me I woke him up the other night saying, “Wipes, baby wipes, wipes” in my sleep. Ya, I need to ease up.

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