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Time To Ring in 2010!


Happy New Year!  While I am generally of the mindset that resolutions can be masochistic, I think that when you become a parent, you automatically subscribe to a form of masochism, so why not make resolutions of the attainable variety.  I once read that if one shares his or her resolutions with others, he or she is more likely to follow through with them.  For the past two decades, I’ve resolved to learn the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne and haven’t followed through.  Here’s to trying to follow through on these resolutions:

1.  Embed in the deepest trenches of my memory banks images of my son Enlai at this age, such as the one of him running down the hall on Christmas day with nothing but a pajama top, bare bottom and a chocolate chip cookie in one hand, singing his version of The Wiggles’ “Shaky, Shaky”.

2.  Learn how to properly pronounce dinosaur names.

3.  Be fascinated when we watch The Tale of Desperaux, The Jungle Book or Winnie the Pooh for the 100th time.

4.  Learn dance moves from Enlai.

5.  Resist the temptation to open the flaps in Enlai’s flap books while reading them to him.  Practice self control in this regard as I know he is on the road to joining the uppermost echelon of flap lifters, and I cannot get in the way of such an achievement.

6.   Learn the sounds the following animals make: armadillos, narwhals, and pygmy marmosets.   I have entertained myself long enough by making up supposed sounds.

7.  Learn the foods the following animals eat:  kudus, aye-ayes and solenodons.  It is not fair to keep answering “bananas” or “spaghetti” to the question “What do they eat?”

8.  Start my own Alison Jay, Oliver Jeffers and Joëlle Jolivet fan clubs.

9.  Allow more splashing in wellies.  There’s such a thing as drying off.

10.  Add more bubble bath when the request arises.

11.  Read more Yeats, Auden, and Komunyakaa poems to Enlai.

12.  Keep serving peas, green beans, and peaches even if they’re rejected every time.

13.  Let Enlai thumb through my Basquiat, Twombly and Bacon books when he takes them off the shelf, even if he does crease the pages.

14.  Wear Enlai’s Groucho Marx glasses more often.

15.  Write that letter to Enlai that I’ve been meaning to write to him since his first birthday, the one about what an amazing human being he is and how happy he makes me and how there is nothing like looking back into his big eyes looking at me.

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