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Mum’s the Word – Alessandra and Tina

In the lead up to Mother’s Day in the UK, the Mum’s the Word series on Oomphalos continues, and today two mothers – one of a toddler boy and one of a toddler girl – tell what it means to them to be a mother:



A Saturday morning my little boy wakes up very early as usual, he comes and seeks mommy and daddy and starts waking us up with his sounds that say he is willing to start the day, to play and to have all his demands covered by these two tired adults who only wish to sleep a little longer, but Julian rules the house, and he does his tricks and gets what he wants.  This special morning he woke up feeling really ‘arty’ and got his hands full of the white cream we use to avoid diaper rash.  First we didn’t notice, but after a few minutes of complete silence – always suspicious when it comes to him – I woke up and found him covering the mirror full of prints of his little hands, ‘fingerpainting’ that’s it! My first reaction was going to be a negative one: telling him he shouldn’t touch the cream to do this and ask him to clean the mirror with my help immediately, but after a few seconds of watching his pleasure at what he had done, I recognized the satisfaction he was obtaining from the activity he had started without help and without anyone one saying or suggesting he should do it.  Luckily I was able to recognize he had done something special, and I had my camera and my tripod right there.  And even though I had just woken up, I was able to set up all my equipment to obtain this image which I consider a real piece of art and love it to bits….




Being a mother has changed my life so drastically I could never have imagined.  It has given my life a different dimension and a different perspective.  Being a mum fills me with endless joy, getting a smile, a kiss brightens my life and cheers me up.  I feel more fulfilled as a person and I often wonder how boring and depthless my life would have been without her.  I have explored different sides of myself, I have found creativity and resourcefulness that I never knew existed, I have been challenged and surprised myself.  I do, however, at times feel frustrated that I cannot do everything I want and that my freedom is limited.  But I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Life without her would be pointless and would have no meaning.  I am so very lucky to be a mum and have such a special person in my life. 

What does it mean to you to be a mother or to have a mother?

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