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As my four-and-a-half year old superhero ninja boy in training insists he can leap from Nelson’s Column monument in Trafalgar square and land safely on the concrete below, I am caught up once again in the never-ending challenges and dilemmas of being a MOM.  Knowing when to protect my fearless fledgling from harm and when to let him spread his emerging freedom and experience fulfillment and growth on his own terms.  This quandary proves to be the biggest test of the tasks I must either embrace or be shackled to as a caring and conscientious ubermom.  Erring on the side of caution is often the position I take, but then it occurs to me that I could be stunting my boy’s abilities, instilling doubts and insecurities, and encouraging a fear based approach to life.  Do I want to pass on foibles, which might have kept me from reaching heights and conquering incredible feats had they not been ixnayed in the bud?  Caught up in this process of introspection and spiritual growth, life lessons abound.  This profound adoration I feel, this ultimate sense of responsibility, this endlessly inspiring endowment of being given the opportunity and honor to care for the soul of another, comes with the biggest challenges and yet the most ginormous reward ever: true love!



I dreamed of the day when I could look at a child with the love and warmth that only a mother could posses.  I can say that motherhood has brought me the greatest joys and the most devastating disappointments.  I have cried many nights, and stayed up even more, but at the end of it all I know that it was worth every laughter and every painful moment of my motherhood.  I cannot pretend to be a great mom, but thank God for great kids!

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  1. Yes, motherhood is definitely one of life’s riches.
    CJ xx

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