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Mum’s the Word – Liz and Valerie

What does it mean to me to be a mother?  There is a Sophocles quote I read when I became a mother that has stayed with me:  “Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.”  Of course, there are different ways to interpret the quote, but for me it means that when my son was born, I was really born.  My son has given me life; he has given me something to hold and, simultaneously, something to let go.

With UK Mother’s Day right around the corner, I was eager to ask a group of mothers what being a mum/mom means to them.  Over the next two weeks on Oomphalos, I encourage you to check in to read their responses.

Liz (aka my mom)

A jumbled mass of confusion, stress, gratefulness, little unspoken moments and being outside of yourself infused in love.



Valerie Michelle

Being a mom is an amazing journey filled with everything I love in this world.  Being a mom is to see the smile on their faces when something great happens.  Being a mom is to be there for them when their hearts are broken.  It’s to laugh hysterically about nothing for hours on end.  Being a mom is love.  It’s jokes and sincere heart-filled joy.  Watching them grow into really awesome human beings; jumping up and down like a kid yourself because you’re so proud of the humans they have become.  There really is no word that can describe the feeling one has inside.  It would be like trying to describe the beauty of the ocean.  It really is much more than words can say.  It is a feeling.  It isn’t about how much money you have in your pocket or how many toys you can give them to see them smile.  It is the moments, the expressions, the experiences, the comfort of love, the funny stories, the hard times and their funny ways of being who they are that make life so amazing.  It is about seeing someone for who they really are…bad, good, scared, happy, alive, and loving them unconditionally.  It’s about always putting forward your best for them.  Doing everything in your body, heart and soul to make sure they are safe and happy and living a rich life.  And by rich I don’t mean material things, I mean rich in spirit.  Being a mom is happiness, faith, love and life!!!

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