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Silent Sunday

Very quietly, tiptoe over to mocha beanie mummy to see the rest of the entries.

Category: Art, General, Silent Sunday


9 Responses

  1. Paint bottles? Looks like fun – great photo too!

  2. Liska says:

    Looks like the tops of paint bottles 🙂 Great colours xx

  3. Jay says:

    Hahah what a cool shot! Very clever perspective 😀

  4. oooh, fab shot! x

  5. Lee says:

    Hi, my photo day featured paint bottles too!! Hope you had fun.

  6. Erica Price says:

    Getting ready for some messy fun?

  7. Liz says:

    Can’t wait to see the masterpiece!

  8. Lisha says:

    Thanks for stopping by everyone! I teach an art class for little ones in London, where painting definitely seems secondary to having fun and making a mess!

    @Lee – great minds think alike, huh! Was your shot at your home or a school?

  9. SAHMlovingit says:

    Oooh that’s a cool colourful picture – really like it 🙂

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