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For you, Enlai

My son – my sweet, sweet Enlai – was a newborn what seems only a few yesterdays ago.  Next week he’ll be four.  When he was some months old, his Godmother Jojo wrote a poem just for him.  I read this poem often and think about how lucky my little guy is to have something so beautiful written just for him.  I echo Jojo’s sentiments.  And I add to them my own wish – an awareness of my unconditional love.  Unconditional.  Always.


Enlai, a blessing for your Christening, from your Godmother, Jojo 

 May you catch snowflakes on your tongue,
And dream up songs that are not sung,
And walk through graveyards in the rain,
And plunge your hands in bowls of grain,
And taste of sorrow, bitter sweet,
And smile at people in the street,
And browse in bookshops by the Seine,
And make mistakes, like other men.

I wish you seashells on the beach,
And skies of stars just out of reach;
And walking barefoot in the sand;
Walks at twilight, hand in hand,
And nights that stretch into the dawn,
And favourite T-shirts, old and torn,
And secrets whispered in your ears,
And poems moving you to tears.

I wish you kisses, under trees,
Fresh-picked berries, dusty knees,
Pebbles, skimmed on white-capped foam,
Journeys travelled, far from home,
Pain and ink and light and dust,
Love and truth and hope and trust,
And cobwebs in the morning light;
A glass of wine, a sleepless night,
A coffee near the Eiffel Tower,
The taste of salt, an ice-cold shower.

Find four leaf clovers at your feet,
Find that which makes you feel complete,
Ride horses through enchanted streams,
Have dreams, and dreams, and dreams, and dreams.

Oh, I would give you all these things,
I’d give you stars and silver wings,
If I but had them in my hand
They would be yours, my little man.
Yet they would not be quite the same,
If not hard-won, not earned, not gained,
So you must seek them on your own,
But never will you be alone,
For swimming in you; little fishes –
Are my dreams and hopes and wishes,
That your life be rich and free.
Take this blessing now, from me.

– Joanna Josefina Thomas

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