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Raindrops Keep Fallin’

For the most part, I like the rain.  I like the sound of it, the puddles, the unpredictability of which way a downpour will sometimes blow, and the fact that it gives me an excuse to stay inside all day with my little guy and play games, pretend we’re superheroes and paint.

And I like rain accoutrement – the wellies, the coats, and the umbrellas.  After watching Mary Poppins as a child, I had a fascination with umbrellas that lasted a few months.  I’d borrow my granny’s black umbrella, open it up at the top of the sloped driveway, hold it up high and run down, waiting for the umbrella to works its magic and elevate me.  On several occasions, I slipped on the oil-slicked surface – with the bruises and cuts to prove it – but I continued nonetheless, hoping that one day that umbrella would bump me up to the skies.

Cut to a few decades later when my wish was that Mary Poppins herself would appear with her bottomless carpet bag and pull out of it something that would allow me to push my son in his buggy without becoming drenched while braving cats-and-dogs rain.  Like I said, for the most part, I like the rain, but not when I was trying to figure out a buggy/stroller raincover while holding an umbrella in one hand (and the majority of the time, with a crying baby/toddler who was not too keen on a raincover).  And I wasn’t too fond of the rain when I was attempting to simultaneously hold an umbrella and push a buggy.  Ambidexterity is not overrated.

I somehow only managed to find out about the Buggy Brolly after my son was out of his pushchair, but I suspect that even had I known about this brainchild of a mother of three, I may have opted for one of the more interesting choices below.  So, rain rain go away, come again after the pram pushers have had a chance to pick up a UFO cap.

Chemical coveralls



Bicycle raincoat

Brella bag

Disposable poncho raincoat

Umbrella raincoat

Umbrella hat

Japanese umbrella

Hands-free umbrella

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