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Au-tastic – Spirits, Reflections, Trampolines, and Books

Lumen and Enlai

I am happy and proud to share the second post of my son Enlai’s blog, Au-tastic.  For those of you who have not yet read his first post, he has decided to write a blog devoted to his experience as the older sibling of his three-year-old autistic brother Lumen.

I have found his blog so heart-warming from his observations as an eight-year-old to his obvious love for his brother. There could not be a more fortunate mother in the world.  My two beautiful, amazing boys…


Some think autistic people are able to communicate with spirits. People believe this because autistic beings will just talk into the air sometimes. They will probably be talking to themselves, but they could be communicating with spirits. Some of autistic people’s emotions will come from communicating with spirits. In fact, one night my mum took a video of my little autistic brother awake in the middle of the night. My mum and I watched the video the morning after and saw orbs floating around him. As the orbs were floating around my little brother, he was singing and talking, possibly communicating with the spirits in the orbs.


My autistic brother likes his reflection because it tends to calm him down. It also is one of the only things that will get him to stay still in one spot. Usually if he sees a relative, he will also stay in the same spot because he can see himself in the people that he is related to.


Some autistic kids like bouncing on trampolines. My little brother would jump 24/7 if my mum and I didn’t take him outside. My brother likes to bounce on one knee every once in a while. Keeping a trampoline out for my little brother to use whenever he gets stressed or just to go for a long or a short time jump is a reliable, useful thing and it makes him really happy.


Usually, autistic children learn to say words quickest when there are very few words so it’s not too complicated. Autistic children like my brother like things simple. The book should also have bright and clear pictures. Lastly the book should have a few flaps or textures or sounds because it will keep an autistic child still long enough to start looking at the book and eventually read the book.


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2 Responses

  1. Liz Buloock says:

    Enlai, you are an amazing young man with abilities & insite beyond your youth. I think it is fantastic that Lumen has an older brother that is able to share opbservations & his love for his autistic, younger brother. Kudo’s to you Enlai for warming the hearts of many and as always I am so very proud of you and anticipate your next blog. Love you so much.

  2. Nancy Cantwell says:

    Hi Enlai! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ll be looking out for more of them. You are a really super brother. My 10 year old son Ryan is autistic. Your observations are really good and can help lots of moms and dads help understand why autistic kids do what they do. There is a really cool book called “The Reason Why I Jump.” It’s written by a 13 year old autistic boy from Japan. I think you would like it. Best wishes and keep writing.

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